The Carriage House

For years we have dreamt of building and compiled ideas here and there. When this far away idea came to reality, we wanted to be wise and not dive in too deep.

When we first got married, Loren and I took Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace class. We learned about budgets, getting out of debt, and being smart with our money. Long story short, Loren is the saver and I am the spender. *gasps, i know* Thankfully he does a great job of keeping us on track and reels in my lofty dreams.

When it came to figuring out what we wanted to do next, we knew one thing for sure, we didn't want a lot of debt. Unfortunately with the prospect of buying an acreage and building something, the prices didn't match our budget. We thought about our options, budget, and goals and we had our answer: a carriage house.  

With a photography business, small family, and goals of opening up a venue space, a carriage house would serve us and others well. A small space designed for our family on top and a natural light studio below. A potential to be a bridal suite and offer facilities to guests. A retreat away from the hustle and bustle of our daily life. A farm for small animals and a large garden. A place for our family and friends to visit and play. 

We were excited about this idea and presented it to a talented local builder, Oakstone Homes. After meeting with them at one of their custom builds, we were sold. Their work is stunning with specialty ideas and custom finishes. And top notch customer service!

What started as an inspiration board, hopefully will end as our *mini* dream home.


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