The Living Room | Ideas

After selling our home and committing to the idea of building a carriage house, many new factors came in to play: downsizing, storage, and function. After talking a lot about our next steps, we decided quickly we didn't want to store a lot, especially if it would not fit in our new, smaller home. We considered our options and the best choice was to host a sale! Thankfully most items went quick, which gave us the opportunity to start fresh.

After living in an old home filled with historic dark wood work and floors, we are ready for a bright and airy change. With our new living space being on the second floor and facing the southeast side, we are expecting a lot of sunny days ahead. Our last color scheme was pretty neutral with warm accents and masculine touches. I loved it and thought it went well with our space but the change-loving-girl that I am, decided to go with a neutral palette again but with feminine accents and airy fabrics. Unfortunately having a wild toddler and pup doesn't lend itself well to most white couches and chairs. Instead, I am leaning towards slipcovered pieces mixed with lighter grays or blues and touches of cognac leather. And maybe a little blush velvet here and there! 

One of our main requests with the new space was to have an open floor plan. When Grae (our babe) was a baby, having a chopped up house was never a problem. However as months went on and the more he started moving, it was not ideal having his play area walls apart from the kitchen or other areas of our home. I tried high chair games and lots of snacks, but that only lasted so long. Meal prep and cooking lengthy recipes weren't an option until Daddy got home. Obviously a first world problem, but one that made me realize an open floor plan would serve our family and guests well. After having Grae, the joy of hosting playdates and family gatherings grew stronger. We wanted a space conducive for that and comfortable for all.

Our new space will be open to the stairwell, Grae's play area, and kitchen/dining/living combined with sliders leading to the small deck. With that in mind the colors and style must flow from space to space.

After purchasing a few pieces on sale already, the virtual tour is coming together. Stayed tuned for the room layout & design coming soon!

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