The Nursery | Ideas

We have an interesting and complicated story when it comes to our little Grae. I'll share my fertility journey one of these days, but long story short, God answered our long awaited prayers in a big way and surprised us with the best two lines on a pregnancy test taken on April 9th, 2015. Mind you, just 24 hours before my appointment to start fertility treatments after over 5 years of trying to have a baby. Excited and surprised is an understatement of the emotions we felt that day and even still.

When it comes to a baby, there so many unknowns (still are) but I knew just what I wanted for his room: sweet, classic, light, and airy. Basically my natural style. After finding his crib for a steal, we started with that and added in new elements as we discovered them. 

Below, I compiled images I was drawn to from the beginning. Obviously his room turned out different but the vibe first started here. Stay tuned for his nursery reveal tomorrow on the blog! 

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