Saying Goodbye

As a lover of all things change, I've always adored day dreaming about the next steps in life. Even as a kid, I would look forward to big moves and never felt overly sentimental. This move felt no different. I was excited for a new and different lifestyle living in the middle of nowhere yet still close enough to town

We lived in our first home for close to five years. It was a dump to say the least and needed to be completely gutted. We were planning our wedding, I was in college, and we were both working. It was a stressful time to say the least, but it was fun making our new home all our own with custom built in bookshelves, brand new everything, and an open floor plan. When we found our second home on a tree lined street in a historic part of town, there was no hesitation putting that for sale sign in the yard and saying goodbye. 

Our second and most recent home was in a similar state as our first. It was a foreclosure that had served as a rental for many years. Thankfully we didn't have to do a complete gut, but it did need two new baths, a new laundry room, updated electrical and plumbing, painting, floors, a deep clean, and a kitchen update. After moving in with my parents for two months, we worked every free moment we had on that place. We weren't able to complete all our plans right away, but over the course of three and a half years we updated almost everything we want excluding the exterior, which we were going to tackle this Spring. 

After having Grae, my goals and ideas changed when it came to my business and our home life. I wanted a studio & meeting space on site and I dreamed of an open floor plan where I could cook, meal plan, and tidy up, while still keeping little Grae in my sight. With a great real estate market in Des Moines, we knew it was time to sell. Once we sold our home, I started packing, trying to pace myself as I knew caring for a toddler, running a business, and moving would catch up to me if I procrastinated. I was excited, wrapping everything up and boxing away our things, while purging a ton along the way. Excited for a new life in the country!

It wasn't until our last night staying there that I got choked up thinking about all of memories here. This home meant more to me than the last. It was where we struggled with infertility, crying on the couch, pleading with God, asking for answers. It was where we found out God had answered our prayers and given us the best gift. It was where we brought home our first child. Grae grew up in this home his first year. He learned how to sit up, crawl, walk, and eventually run. It was less about the walls and structure and more about where we began and grew our little family. 

Thank you to Jen Golay who captured our last few moments in our old home perfectly! We will cherish these forever.