Welcome welcome welcome!

I am so glad you're here, I am so excited to be sharing our life with y'all (Did I forget to mention I am from Georgia?). This year has been quite a whirlwind and it is about to get a bit crazier. After finding a lovely house a few miles away, we (mostly I) were gung-ho about getting our *current* home ready to sell and on the market! I will rewind a bit, we weren't really looking to move but after working on our first two homes (foreclosures), we were always looking for the next opportunity or project. After being 99% sure we loved the house we found, we listed our home.

After a whirlwind of 20 showings in two days, our house SOLD! This meant we needed to come up with a plan and quick. The more we thought about our next *fixer upper*, the reality starting setting in of raising a baby and working on a new project day in and day out until all 2,300 sq feet were remodeled and updated. We saw dollar signs and tired eyes. We had our answer!

Our dream has always been to build. To build a home, a life on land, and maybe a venue for weddings and events. This dream felt far away, especially with a new baby and my desire to be close to town. But after some thinking, planning, and a drive out to the country, our hearts were open to this, once faraway, idea. Stay tuned for more about this big change!