A Visit to Waco & Austin Texas

A couple weeks ago all my Fixer Upper fan girl dreams came true: a trip to Magnolia! I am so thankful my husband is equal parts supportive of my obsession and a fan himself, except when it comes to my lofty dreams of tiling from floor to ceiling or ripping out necessary walls of our last home. 

We headed down South early one morning to make sure we could be there as soon as they opened the next morning. After a wonderful recommendation from our friend Lauren, we stayed at Hotel Indigo. After scooping the loop and seeing the Silos in the evening light, we headed to the hotel to check in. Though we weren't their long, the place was lovely, clean, and modern. Grae loved running around the spacious room and climbing in and out of the tiled walk-in shower. 

The next morning we woke up and it felt like a mild version of Christmas morning. I was giddy, peering out of the window seeing the Silos. We arrived, signed up with Waco Tours (which was AWESOME btw), and got in line for the bakery. If you're heading to Waco anytime soon (which you totally should!), here are our top things to do that we enjoyed and would highly recommend! 

Places to stay: Hotel Indigo & Gathering Oaks Retreat

Places to eat and drink: In & Out Burger, Common Grounds Coffee, Silos Bakery, Food Trucks, Tony DeMaria's Bar-B-Que

Things to do: Waco Zoo, Waco Tour, Magnolia & The Silos, Drive by Magnolia Inn, Walk & take photos at Lover's Leap, Tour of Baylor

Though we never got to see or meet the famous duo, just seeing the transformation of this town and all they've done with their business was a huge inspiration to us. We left on cloud 9, dreaming and planning our own next steps with our businesses and a new plan on the horizon!

All photos shot on film and developed by Richard Photo Lab.